5 min. from main station Zurich



by foot

from hotel

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tram or by foot​​​​

from main station

Directions map from main station Zurich to Practice at Sumatra street 25

from main station by tram (approx. 5 min.)
ENTER: tram stop "Bahnhofquai"
Tram 14 (direction Seebach) or
Tram 11 (direction Auzelg)
----> 2 minutes ride
STEP OUT: tram stop "Stampfenbachplatz"

----> 2 minutes by foot to practice Tida Thai Massage
from Stampfenbachplatz walk upwards on the left hand side. Then take the stairs "Sumatrasteig". In the middle turn left to the massage practice. Ring the door bell.

from main station by foot (approx. 10 min.)
in just 8 minutes you can reach the practice by foot.

Cross the "Walchebrücke". Walk along the tram tracks up to the "Stampfenbachplatz". From there walk like described above.

from Central

Directions from "Central" Tram and by foot

from "Central" by tram  (approx. 5 min.)
ENTER: tram stop "Central"
Tram   7 ( direction Bahnhof Stettbach) oder
Tram 15 (direction Bucheggplatz)
----> 2 minutes ride (two stops)
STEP OUT: tram stop "Sonneggstrasse"
----> 2 minutes by foot to practice Tida Thai Massage

from Central by foot (approx.  8 min.)
Go along the "Stampfenbachstrasse" until you reach "Stampfenbachplatz". From there go towards the hotel Continental and go up the stairs "Sumatrasteig" to the middle. Here you are - ring the bell at the entrance of the practice.

by car

parking space in the vincinity
1) Parking meter max. 2 hours, -.50Rp./h
2) Parking meter max. 1 hour, -.50Rp./h
3) Parking meter max. 2 hours, -.50Rp./h
4) Parking meter max. 2 hours
5) Parking hotel Mariott

our adress
Tida Thai Massage
Sumatrastrasse 25
8006 Zürich

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Sumatrastrasse (Obstgartenstrasse)
To get to Sumatrastrasse you drive from the Weinbergstrasse into the Obstgartenstrasse – after about 100m the same street changes its name to Sumatrastrasse. Along the street are a few parking spaces with parking meters (1h/-.50; 2h/1.-).

More parking options with parking meters are available along Walchestrasse – turn into the road at the tram stop “Stampfenbachplatz”.

Parkhaus Mariott, Neumühle-Quai 42, 8006 Zürich
The nearest multi storey parking is at the Mariott hotel – you reach it over Walchestrasse or Neumühlequai.

Parkhaus Hauptbahnhof, Sihlquai 41, 8005 Zürich
A bit further away – but reachable with a short walk over Mattensteg / Drahtschmidlisteg (pedestrian bridges arching over the Limmat river) – 7 minutes.

practice entrance​​​​

Path from tram stop "Stampfenbachplatz".

directions by google maps

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